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Guardian Corporate Brand Products Offer Quality Consumers Trust At Prices They Will Love

Shopping Guardian gives you a good experience Guardian is offering consumers quality they can trust at prices they will love, through the uplift of its in-house Guardian Corporate Brand products. As all of us know, Guardian is the largest pharmacy, health and beauty retail chain in Malaysia. Guardian Malaysia has more than 420 stores, serving over 3 million customers per month. 

Guardian has close to 500 SKUs of its ‘house brand’ or corporate brand products which are available exclusively at Guardian stores nationwide. These Guardian brand products cover every aspect of life from birth, infanthood, kids, teens, young adults, adults, families and into the golden years. Guardian has mad our life more easier. One stop shopping place whereby consumer can get from Guardian.

Consumers choose Guardian corporate Brand products as their favourite as they can trust the quality, high safety standard as well as the ease-of-mind and value that they provide to consumers. According to Mr. Soren Lauridsen, Chief Executive Officer, Guardian Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd, “Guardian carefully selects high quality and safe ingredients in formulating our products. All label claims are fully validated with supporting documents to ensure we deliver products that are safe, well-tested, proven, and that meet the exacting standards of our consumers, and of the standards’ bodies in all the regions we operate in.” 

Mr. Lauridsen added that the assurance of trustworthy quality at affordable prices will resonate in view of rising cost living in Malaysia.“We understand the concerns of consumers regarding the rising cost of living. As our corporate brand is wholly developed and produced for Guardian we are able to maintain quality, while making them more affordable due to economies of scale. This commitment to quality standards, and exceeding them in terms of safety, ingredients and processes, results in consumers holding Guardian Corporate Brand products in high regard for quality they can trust, at prices that they love,” added Mr. Lauridsen. 

According to Mrs. Segolene Defline, Corporate Brand Director, Health & Beauty, The Dairy Farm Company, Guardian’s bold move to prioritize its corporate brand products is expected to be well received by consumers as it brings the best in classic products and new trends across the region for all age groups and product categories. “When we develop any of Guardian Corporate Brand products we always consider our consumers needs while simultaneously tracking global health and beauty trends. Our products are developed with an eye on what is ‘next’ in health and beauty, so that consumers always have products that harness the best of current trends in ingredients and materials as well as technology and innovation. Combine this with our commitment to quality assurance, dermatological testing and our money back guarantee, and it becomes apparent why consumers are increasingly seeking out Guardian corporate brand,” Mrs Defline said. Well say by Mrs Defline as consumers not only look at the price but the quality and trust Guardian has given to them.

Guardian partners with leading manufacturers and uses innovative formulations in the development and manufacture of its corporate brand products. All Guardian’s skincare and body care products are dermatological tested and proven to provide ultimate care and confidence for its users. 

According Ms. Sarol Lin, Head of Quality Assurance, Corporate Brand, Health & Beauty, Dairy Farm Group, Guardian has developed a Three-step to Quality management system that ensures Guardian delivers excellence, safety, quality and regulatory compliance across all its corporate brands.

“All suppliers must first pass a professional third party factory audit before being approved to produce Guardian products. The products are then manufactured under strict quality control. Mandatory quality and safety checks are conducted before the products are marketed. Finally, all suppliers are monitored through ongoing third party factory audits. Surveillance checks will be conducted on products in the stores to ensure consistence and safety,” Ms. Lin explained. 

Dr. Sharon Gopalan, Resident Skin Physician at the Life Care Diagnostic Medical Centre, shared the peace-of-mind that comes with dermatologically tested and proven products for the general population. “When a product is ‘dermatologically tested and proven’ it means that patch tests have been conducted on human skin without causing irritation or adverse reactions. A well-tolerated product is a safer choice, especially when trying out new products,” said Dr. Sharon. “Users should be aware of their skin type and condition before using products. Skin type and conditions can change with age, hormones, diet and many other factors. What may have suited the user once, may not be suitable at a different stage of life,” she added. 

The regional health and beauty giant, introduced its ‘Recommended by The Toughest Users’ seal of approval and consumer campaign that signals the uplift of close to 500 SKUs of Guardian Corporate Brand products including its Baby & Kids, Bath & Body, Paper, Cotton & Wipes, Oral & Razor, Face Masks and Health product categories. 

The seal of approval shows that that the Guardian corporate brand products have undergone the brand’s three-step quality assurance, with the added ease-of-mind that selected products ranges have been dermatologically tested and proven. All Guardian corporate brand products come with a money back guarantee, reflecting the brand’s confidence that its product quality and safety will meet consumers’ satisfaction.

Guardian will be running a ‘Recommended by the Toughets Users’ campaign that gives life to three of their most frequent consumer profiles, trendy single women with discerning tastes, quality conscious mothers and stylish, active men who are conscious of their appearance. Head to your nearest Guardian store for the April catalogue for the details on promotions. For more information, please feel free to browse Guardian Facebook at or log in .

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