Monday, 31 October 2016

Experience The Gentle Touch Of Nature With Betadine Feminine Wash

It is so important for us to taking care our V area and PLEASE DON'T USE SOAP to wash our V area. Our V area is the precious part and we need to take good care of it just like skin care. Some of you must be wondering why we cannot use normal soap to wash the V area. Over 40% of women use soap or body wash for their feminine hygiene need and this scented soap or gel actually can affect the healthy balance of bacteria and pH levels in the intimate area. Introduce my only favorite intimate wash " Betadine Feminine Wash Foam". I fall in love with the feminine wash after I try for the first time.

BETADINE Daily Feminine Wash Foam and BETADINE Daily Feminine Liquid Wash using natural ingredients that making women feel confident and comfortable, promote an optimum environment for the growth of beneficial flora. It gives me peace in mind as I can ensure I choose the right feminine wash that protect my V area. Formulated with Tri-Care™, which features Immortelle,SyriCalm™, and Deoplex®, with prebiotics, these solutions maintain a healthy environment for the intimate area to support a natural pH balance.

  • Immortelle (Helichrysum italicum extract) has a long-standing history of being used for its medicinal properties. It also comes with a range of antimicrobial properties and is a natural antioxidant that repairs free radical damage and stimulates cellular regeneration. Immortelle serves as a natural anti-oxidant that helps improve skin’s natural moisture.
  • SyriCalm™ (Phragmites communis extract) is a natural active ingredient that soothes the skin and reduces skin redness and irritation. SyriCalm™ also reduces erythema, relieves itchiness, protects and improves recovery of the skin’s barrier function.
  • Deoplex® (Sacharromyces extract) is a natural extract that delivers effective odour neutralization. Deoplex® also contains enzymes that provide bioconversion of a wide range of malodorous substances.

Beside this three natural ingredients, BETADINE Daily Feminine Wash also contain prebiotic known as Biolin, which stimulates the growth of good bacteria and maintain the pH balance of our intimate area. Biolin provides the natural nourishment for healthy flora to thrive and stimulate their growth. On top of maintaining optimal pH balance, Biolin supports and restores the immune function and prevents unfriendly organisms from developing.

During the launching, Dr Liew Fah Onn, Senior Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist of Assunta Hospital and Immediate Past President of Malaysian Menopausal Society said, “As there are many simple preventable infections and vaginal flora abnormalities associated with more serious conditions, BETADINE Daily Feminine Wash is gentle and mild; it maintains a healthy environment for the growth of good bacteria and provides the protection against feminine discomforts thanks to the three natural ingredients that form the unique Tri-Care™ formulation.”

Why I love BETADINE Daily Feminine Wash Foam?

  • The texture is mild and it does not contain any chemical. The feminine wash come in foam or liquid type.
  • It easy to be used as it come in pump action foam format. The pump action format actually can help prevent wastage as you can control the amount of foam to be pump out.
  • It come in small bottle whereby you can bring it to travel.
  • The feminine wash gives me a refresh and clean feeling. I love the smell of the feminine wash and it comes from natural ingredient.
  • BETADINE Feminine wash can be used daily. Soap, parabens and colourant free.

BETADINE Daily Feminine Wash Foam and BETADINE Daily Feminine Liquid Wash are available at all leading pharmaceutical establishments and healthcare providers. The price range at RM30.90/RM19.90 (250ml/100ml) and RM32.90/RM9.90 (300ml/50ml).

For more information, feel free to visit or Do follow BETADINE Malaysia Facebook for more update. 

Hotpot Kitchen @ One Utama Shopping Mall, Malaysia

Good news for foodie as Hotpot Kitchen has opened their 1st restaurant at Malaysia. Hotpot Kitchen is located at 1st Floor, One Utama Shopping Mall. The owner has a good chemistry in food whereby he brings a new concept of food into Malaysia.

First, customers need to choose their preference vegetables & meat. All the ingredients serve  are fresh as the owner will ensure they serve the good quality of food to their customers. Secondly you can choose your favorite ( level of spiciness). The spiciness level is acceptable. You can pair your dishes with rice or handmade noodles. Highly recommend for their handmade noodles as no preservative been add on. 

Once you have done with your selection, proceed to the counter to make a payment. The food will be ready to be served once it has prepared by the chef.

I love how the owner create a perfect spiciness level that suit our Malaysian taste bud. The nice fragrant of the taste staying strong in my mind. Hotpot kitchen do offer set lunch with affordable price. 

Hotpot Kitchen also offer free member card whereby members can enjoy 10% discount when they dine in at Hotpot Kitchen. On top of that, members can enjoy a free birthday cake/dessert when celebrating their birthday here, from November onward (advance notice required).

Hotpot Kitchen
G355, 1st Floor
One Utama Shopping Mall
47800 Petaling Jaya

Sunday, 23 October 2016

I Am So Malaysian.....

How many of you think you are so Malaysian like me? Malaysia is very diverse in culture and to the surprise, we able live harmoniously together although we come from different races. Why I always mention I am so Malaysian? Let's find out below.

Malaysian Local Food Is The Best

I am blessed with nice and delicious food and I still prefer our Malaysia local food. You don't eat Japanese or Western cuisine every for your breakfast, lunch and dinner, right? It actually hurt your wallet too. There are so many variety of local food that you can get it at any hawker stall with affordable price.

Nyonya Laksa - Donald & Lily Nyonya Food, Malacca

Penang Road Famous Teo Chew Cendol 

Penang Char Kuey Teow (Opposite Penang Road Famous Teo Chew Cendol)

Belacan Bihun , Old Rex Cafe @ Kuching

Sarawak Laksa , Thompson Corner @ Kuching

We Use Bahasa Rojak In Daily Communication

It feel comfortable and self belonging when you hear some people speak Bahasa Rojak. Below is some of the frequent word that we will use

Tapao please...(Take Away)
Dont so Kiamsiap lah...(Don't Stingy)
Kopi Peng... (Ice Coffee)
So Sayang lah... ( so waste)

Multi Language Country

What will be your answer when someone throw this question to you " Who are you?'. Will you answer I am Chinese, Malay or India? Or will you answer this person specifically like I am Hakka/ Hokkien and etc. To me it doesn't make any different as we are 1 Malaysia and we can speak multi- language. The basic language that we will learn from School are Malay and English. Plus we have our own mother tongue likes " Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi, Hokkien, Tamil, Bahasa Kelantan, Bahasa Sarawak and etc. I feel secure and comfortable with our own languages. 

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We Still Believe in Taboo.... 

When we are small, our grandma always mentions " Don't ever whistle at Night time as it will bring the bad spirits. Scientifically, taboo cannot been proof real or will bring harm to us but we still believe on taboo.

Do you parent told you not to shake your late when sitting as you will shake always the money? What else that you adapt since you were young?

If you sneeze once, people is thinking of you. Sneeze twice, someone scolding you and sneeze third times, you better see doctor as you will get sick. See, this little taboo actually been spread from one generation to one generation and to me, no harm we apply some of it. Don't too over into Taboo as it sometime will ruin our relationship.

Show you love by leaving me a comment if you think you are so Malaysian like me. Share your story as we all proud to be Malaysian, right? Some might say yes and some might say no. If you look at the positive way, you definitely will proud to be Malaysian.

Let's Malaysian blood flow into us all the time.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Relax & Recharging Tea Party By Blissful Presence

How can you identified stress in your life? Will your body giving you the signal when you are stress? And how you handle stress? I believe everyone do facing with stress and is not necessarily a bad things. If we learn how to manage our stress well, sometime stress can be a positive driver. I do agree with this statement and it depend how individual manage their stress.  There are many way to release your stress either by practicing Yoga or learn mindful stress management, go for a vacation or seek for therapy services.

Introduce Blissful Presence that aims to promote mental health and emotional well-being. Blissful Presence is a wellness center that run by Beelie Kong. Blissful presence is a home based and offer a range of therapy services in the area of stress management to helps clients find relief from anxiety, panic attacks, release unresolved emotions from the past, improve psychological resilience and find calm in bringing their live back.

Therapy services that offer by Blissful Presence

1) Wellness Assessment - You get to identify your psychological or recurring issue that you intend to address. During the Wellness Assessment, you able to recognize your past and present psychological issues, identify your stressors, engage in self- exploration for better self understanding and develop a sense of awareness about your feelings and emotions.

2) Individual Therapy - Don't panic that you not able handle the stress. During Individual Therapy, they can teach you skills on how to manage your stress and have a better quality of life.

3) Raindrop Therapy - Do you often feel tired, exhausted or even fatigued? This symptom sometime will affecting you physically, mentally or combination of both. No worry as you going to enjoy the relaxing experience that professional done by Blissful Presence staff. This therapy know as Raindrop Therapy as it using the essential oils to make you feel calm, soothing and refreshing.  

Benefits of Raindrop Therapy and recommend to try on this therapy.
  • Reduces stress and tension in the body
  • Balances the body's energy pathways in a non-invasive manner.
  • Support our body systems
  • Eases muscle discomfort
  • promotes physical and emotional wellbeing

The usage of essential oil for the therapy has been practiced for centuries in the realm of health, beauty and spirituality. They are highly concentrated substances extracted from plants, flowers, roots, wood, bark or seeds and broadly known for their healing properties and health benefits.

During Relax & Recharging Tea Party, we get to choose our preference essential oil . And Beelie show us how to do a simple massage on our palm and it helps to calm down our mind. I love the massage session. 

Never thought I can meet Louise in person during the relax & Recharging Tea Party. Louise is the founder for Claire Organics. Claire organics is artisan natural skin & body care. The products is 100% handmade that using natural and fresh organic ingredients. No animal testing, 0% preservative, chemical, alcohol and paraben and it safe for our skin. During the session, Louisa guide us how to create our own natural bath soap. 

The whole house fill with positive energy and nice aroma of the essential oil. I feel so calm when I visit Blissful Presence. Visit Blissful Presence now and consult some advice from Beelie. She able to able what type of therapy that suit you. Input more positive energy in your life by learn how to let go you stress/burden.

Blissful Presence (home based center located at the residential area of TTDI)
No 59, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi 2,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur

If you using Waze: 
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Soft Launching Of Asia Pacific One Belt One Road (OBOR) Tourism Industry Fund In Malaysia

It was a fruitful event as we get to witness the signing of M.O.U for Asia Pacific One Belt One Road Tourism Industry Fund.

L-R: Andrew Tan, Palm Springs Development Sdn Bhd, Kelvin Foo Explicit Aqua Innovations Sdn Bhd,  Davy Chan, Chairman of Evergreen Group, YM Tengku Seri Setia Laksamana Kiri, YM Dato' Seri Nik Ahmad Zulhilmi Bin YM Nik Mohamad (Patron of the fund), Ada Poon Yin Hoong, AmLeisure Media Sdn Bhd, Poon Chun Hoo, T Senz International Sdn Bhd

Good news to investor in Malaysia as Evergreen has decide to launch its HKD 10 billion Asia Pacific One Belt One Road (OBOR) Tourism Industry Fund in Malaysia as Malaysia strongly backed by the evident growth of its tourism industry and the government's plan to increase its investment in developing the sector. It is such a privilege to have Evergreen as a big investor for Malaysia in long term period. According to Mr. Davy Chan, Chairman of Evergreen Group, " The fund is set up with a long-term vision to promote tourism sector in countries and regions along the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road". Tourism and Travels are Malaysia's third largest source of foreign exchange earnings, which stood at RM61 billion, 57% of its total gross domestic product (GDP).

L-R: Louis Loh, Group CEO of AFV Consultants Group Sdn Bhd, Eric Chu, Group CEO of Evergreen Group, Danni Wong, Director of Evergreen Offshore Inc. Davy Chan, Chairman of Evergreen Group, YM Tengku Seri Setia Laksamana Kiri, YM Dato' Seri Nik Ahmad Zulhilmi Bin YM Nik Mohamad (Patron of the fund), YAM Tunku Dato' Seri Shahabuddin Bin Tunku Besar Burhanuddin, YM Dato' Seri Tengku Rozila Azlan Bin YM Tuan May, YM Dato' Seri Nik Ahmad Khushairi Bin YM NIk Mohamad, Tan Sri Dr. Ong Tee Keat
Evergreen Arts Stars (China) Cultural Video Media Company Limited (a subsidiary of Evergreen, a Hong Kong based private equity firm), is involved in the entertainment industry whose primary activities include film production and talent management. The priority of the company is to build a pool of talent for the film industry, which is growing exponentially in Beijing.

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Evergreen Arts Stars kick start the first pageant "Asia-Pacific One Belt One Road Tourism Industry Fund Promotion Ambassador Contest" and one of its objectives is to promote Asia-Pacific One Belt One Road Tourism Industry Fund. During the soft launching Asia Pacific One Belt One Road (OBOR) Tourism Industry Fund, these 15 beautiful  finalists impress us with their talents. The finalist are ready to compete and crowd as one of the ambassador. The 15 finalist will will be here in Malaysia for a 2-week training tour and filming for the campaign. Footages shot during this tour will be used in promoting the pageant and the fund, and will be aired over a few channels including IQIYI, Tencent, YouKu, and more.

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The auction for the art pieces on going at the same night. The night ended with the official launching of Asia Pacific One Belt One Road (OBOR) Tourism Industry Fund.

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About Evergreen

“Evergreen Offshore Inc.” is a wholly owned subsidiary of the “Evergreen Group”, it was incorporated at the British Cayman Islands in May 2012. The Company’s primary business involves Enterprises Analysis, Private Equity Funds and Listing Operations. Currently Evergreen Offshore Inc. holds two Trust Units: “Evergreen Offshore Fund Trust” and “Asia-Pacific One Belt One Road Tourism Industry Fund”. To date, the Company has a total of USD200 million in capital commitments and has invested over USD50 million in the first phase of its investment blueprint.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

I Love Coffee & Tea Expo @Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, Malaysia

Good news to coffee and tea lover as I love Coffee & Tea expo is coming back. Mark down your calendar as you won't want to miss the big expo happening on 28th - 30th October 2016 at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. Come early and grab your favorite coffee or tea during the exhibition. Don't miss the program that specially cater during the expo. Learn the correct way how to enjoy your premium tea or show off your Latte Art skill.

This is the largest Coffee and Tea Expo and I will not going to miss it. I will see you at I Love Coffee and Tea expo.

Date: 28th -30th October 2016
Time : 10 am - 9 pm
Venue : Hall 1, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre

More information can be found at their Facebook & Instagram.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

TTDI Park Is An Ideal Place for Pokemon Hunter

TTDI park still my favorite place for jogging, chill out with workout buddy and at the same time hunt for Pokemon. Yes, I still addict to Pokemon Go and current climb until stage 24. Sharing with you what type of Pokemons that I found at TTDI park. Below are the common Pokemon that will keep appear every 15 minutes.  


If you want to add in Gyarados in your Pokedex, this is the best time to catch more Magikarp at TTDI park. Magikarp will appear every 15 minutes. Exact location : Bridge that near to the entrance for the park. Good luck as I manage to catch a few within 1 hours.


This little cute duck also will appear every 15 minutes. If you lucky enough, you also will catch Golduck (evolve version from Psyduck)


Slowpoke is water/psychic type of Pokemon. Slowpoke will evolve become Slowbro once you have enough candy. 

Don't stop at the bridge area as you will be lucky enough to catch a rare Pokemon that appear suddenly when you take a walk at TTDI park. You can burn some fat while catching Pokemon. These are the Pokemon side sightings at TTDI Park. 

Ensure your bag contains enough Pokeball, Great ball or Ultra bag to catch the Pokemon. No worries as the park has 3 Pokestop.

Put you strongest Pokemon on gym and challenge the competitor Pokemon. The Gym level has reached level 8. Sorry my Pokemon has lost in the fight . I think I have to power up my Pokemon become stronger and unbeatable before my Pokemon can stand on the fighting ring.

Hope you enjoy hunting Pokemon at TTDI park. Watch out your step too when you are so concentrate catching your Pokemon.