Wednesday, 29 June 2016

5 Things I Can Do With Microsoft Wisepad W7

Everyone is talking about phablet and what is phablet? Owning a Phablet make my life more easier and manageable. Do you want to discover 5 things I can do with this smart Microsoft Wisepad W7?

Be My Own boss

  • As a learning facilitator , my boss required me to be a multitask person. I required to do presentation and the same time manage my admin works. 
  • Bringing a giant laptop with me while travelling really is hassle to me. I need something light and I can work on it.
  • With Windows 10 on the Wise Pad W7, I able multitask like a boss. It just like kill two birds with one stone in my daily routine.
  • Using Office 365, I able create my power points or even hits the data in excel. Smooth working process using Wisepad W7.  My productivity has increased and my boss build the trust in me.
  • Open multi screen in phablet did not slow down my access . At the same time, I can complete my blog or even doodling using my phablet.
  •  WisePad W7 is power to match our work ethnic. Life will be more colorful and easier with Wisepad W7.
24 Hours Entertainment 

  • I can't live without Wisepad W7. I bring it with me whenever I travelling and it becoming an all-time companion.
  • Date my love one for movie using Wisepad W7. High resolution of color, good quality of soundtrack and surprisingly the phablet able support HD movie. Cool right.
  • Wise Pad W7’s 3,200mAh battery can let you enjoy more like play game or even listening to music non stop. 
Connect me with the world

Photo credit : Flowdock

  • What can a small phablet can do? I manage to have a life thanks to this phablet that helps me stay connected with friends and family through Skype or even Flowdock. 
  • I doesn't even need a web cam to stay connected. Wisepad W7 has moving fast in the market era and it has become the most powerful phablet.
Create my life story

  • Selfie or wefie has become common topic that youngster love to do nowadays. Of course I always up to the trend.
  • As a blogger I will ensure the photo that I produce is good . Wisepad W7 is the right choice for me.
  • 5 megapixel for back camera enough to capture a good quality photo especially night view. 
  • With certified USB On The Go, I can transfer my pictures or video safely into my laptop.

A Good Storage 

  • Sometime transferring  data from a phablet to your personal laptop will consume most of your time.
  • Transfer it to Cloud as you can store your works, data, song, video or even pictures.
  • The best part, you can access cloud anywhere and anytime. Even you can share it with your friends, colleague or families.
  • No hassle, safe time and you won't lost your data.

Specifications of (Pre-Order) Microsoft Wise Pad W7 4G LTE 16GB Windows 10 

What's in the box:
  • 1x Microsoft Wisepad W7 1x Charger 1x USB cable 
General Features:
Camera Back1 to 5MP
Camera Front1-2 MP
Curved TVNo
ModelWise pad W7
Network Connections4G
Operating SystemWindows 10
RAM memory2GB
Slim Slots1
Storage Capacity16GB
Warranty period1 Year
Warranty typeLocal Manufacturer Warranty

Make a magic to your life everyday. Pre-order your Wisepad W7 at LAZADA now

This post is an entry for the InvolveAsia x Lazada MY blogger contest. Microsoft Wise Pad W7 sponsored by Lazada Malaysia and shopcoupons.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Sungei Wang Plaza Is The Best Place To Hunt For Desserts

After my last write up regarding Food Truck in Sungei Wang, I  promised to review regarding "Dessert" on my next post. I love dessert so much and I can't believe I can enjoy my favorite dessert during the Fabulous Food Discovery 2016 events by Sungei Wang Plaza.

1. Lulu Nyonya Kueh

Lulu Nyonya Goodies Sdn Bhd was founded in early 90's and fully incorporated in the Year 2002. I always love Nyonya Kuih as I find it special especially the ingredients that they use for the kuih. Lulu Nyonya is truly authentic Malaysian delicacies.

2. Hui Lau Shan

Hui lau Shan is my favorite dessert place. If you have sweet tooth like me, you will definitely love the fresh fruit desserts from Hui Lau Shan. Hui Lau Shan started with herbal drink in Yuen Long, Hong Kong in the 1960s. Then Hui Lau Shan move from traditional herbal tea to trendy fresh fruit desserts. Their dessert is 100% made of fresh fruit and no preservatives. You can enjoy the mout watering dessert and the same time eat healthy with Hui Lau Shan. A must try on their signature dessert " Mango Sago". The Mango Sago taste nice and fresh.

Nourishing Premium Coconut - Heavenly Brew

Nourishing Bird's Nest combined together with the coconut milk is a comforting match made in heaven. The bird's nest is silky smooth and very light in sweetness which is precious nourishment for body and skin beauty. 

 Mango Sago
Mango feast and Mango Sago
This is the best seller dessert from Hui Lau Shan and won the hearts of the Hong Kong taste bud. This signature yellow dessert become a legend in Hong Kong food history. Mango sago is a combination of Mango juice, Mango cubes and sago attract my attention and I love the fresh mango so much.
 Signature Radish Cake

 A classic Hong Kong signature dish that using top grade dried shrimps and mushrooms and is generous with all its ingredients, served with signature scallop sauce. The scrumptious dish is the perfect choice to complete your savory taste cravings.

 Signature Curry Combo

A classic Hong Kong Street food, combination with fishball, cuttlefish, tau fu pok and radish fully coasted with delicious Signature Curry to lift up the overall taste.

 Mango Feast

If you love Mango so much, give a try on their Mango Feast. The trio combination is great for sharing with 3 mini version of the best seller Mango dessert, especially when you want to try a few varieties at one go. It's come with Mango chewy ball, Mango coconut and Mango crisp.

I believe everyone will agree that Secret Recipe famous with their cakes. Secret Recipes Cakes & Cafe is a successful Malaysian food and beverage group operating a home grown lifestyle regional cafe brand. Operate more than 440 outlets across the region, Secret Recipe offers a wide range of award-winning cakes as well as an extensive menu of Asian and Western cuisine.

Look out for Secret set lunch/dinner promotion as you won't want to miss the affordable meal offer by Secret Recipe.

Bingsu has become hits as everyone love Korean Bingsu so much. Do visit the popular CocoZ.Kr that located at Sungei Wang Plaza. Beside offer different type of Bingsu, you get to enjoy other Korean food. CocoZ.Kr , a Korean integrated lifestyle concept combining food and fashion accessories under one roof. Customer get to enjoy the nice Bingsu and at the same time shopping at

Directory at Sungei Wang Plaza

Hui Lau Shan


Secret Recipe


Lulu Nyonya Goodies



- Main Entrance of Sungei Wang

For more information about promotions at Sungei Wang Plaza, kindly visit or visit their Facebook at

~Watch out for my next post regarding fabulous food at Sungei Wang ~ 

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Riang Ria Raya Di Lazada Malaysia

Owh, Hari Raya is coming soon and how is the preparation for Raya? Good news as Lazada is having Raya sales with discounts up to 92% . I can't believe what I have see and is discounts up to 92%. Lazada is the online platform to shop this Raya.

What should I get for this Raya?

Hijab for Nurul Amirah as a gift.

Amirah is my colleague for 4 years and we like a twin . We love to spend time together. This Raya I planning to get her Jelitasara Fella Ombre Instant Shawl. She will definitely look good on it.

The best part I purchase this good quality shawl with RM39. OMG!!!!!!I save 56% for this beautiful shawl.

I addicted shopping with Lazada. Don't let the spirit stop and keep shopping with Lazada.

Pressure Cooker for Mom

My mom told me she wish to have pressure cooker. This Raya, she going to cook delicious ayam rendang and share it with my Malay neighbor. We use to visit our neighbor when Raya and this year we want share our love to them by prepare them with delicious dish. Of course I will buy the pressure cooker from Lazada.

Come with 1 year warranty and purchase it for only RM89. Where else I can get this special deal? Of course the answer is Lazada.

Comfortable sofa for Daddy

Daddy complaining our house sofa is old and broken. We want to replace our sofa .When I check in Lazada, I am surprise with the design of the sofa. I quickly put into my shopping cart. You can even decorate your house with Lazada. You just need to name it and Lazada will be one stop platform for you and your family.

I get this for RM259 and I save 48%. I love quality of the Sofa. It suit my house design and everyone praise my good choice. My secret is shop with Lazada for the best taste of choices.

Do you believe me as I buy all these with ONLY RM387. SUPER .....SUPER cheap and only at LAZADA. Shop now from 21 until 24 June 2016 as Lazada is having Raya sales with discount until 92%. Don't miss the sales as it really value for money. Log in for purchase.

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SCORE FitMob Festival 2016

Score FitMob Festival is back and experience mind-blowing action like you've never seen before. Mark your calendar as you won't want to miss the excited moment.

Get ready to sweat with the international all-star cast – David, Richard, Aben and Anya – and burn over 1500 calories at the ultimate 3-hour fun workout.

Let's start dance with 90 minutes of non-stop Zumba - the Latin-inspired dance fitness craze that took the world by storm. Then funk it up with U-Jam – the athletic cardio dance fitness set to world beats and an urban flavour. Stay tuned for some big announcements as you will flow with more fun. Explore Score entertaining event side shows, featuring food trucks, freebies, temporary body art and more.

So what are you waiting for? You'll also receive an Official SCORE FitMob Festival T-Shirt, goodies bag, entrance wristband and event freebies when you register.Step in the world of fitness dance and let the music drive you as you step into a night of fun beats, vibrant energy and a fitness high that will leave you buzzing for days. Let loose, feel energized and immerse yourself in the biggest, most exhilarating FitMob Festival ever.


Event Info

How to get there?

I will see you at Score FitMob Festival 2016. Register now as you will enjoy 15% off and a T-shirt with your name when you sign up for SUPER EARLY BIRD! For more information log in or follow them on Facebook

Blooming Tea, The Finest Art Piece of Flower Tea

Blooming tea is the recent addition to the world of tea. Flowering tea or blooming tea consist each of a bundle of dried tea leaves wrapped around one or more dried flowers. These are made by binding tea leaves and flowers together into a bulb and are then set to dry.

This is my first time try on Blooming tea from Hi Tea. I find the tea is unique to me while the taste is bitter to me. Blooming Tea are beautiful to watch as they transform themselves, with the help of some hot water, from a tightly-tied bundle of tea into a bouquet of flowers or a sculptural work of art. The taste of blooming tea is very enjoyable and mild flavor.


Brewing Blooming Tea

Brewed the tea in a clear teapot so you can enjoy the bloom through the glass. Place Blooming Tea into the teapot. Pour the boiling water over the tea. Don't miss this moment as  blooming tea begin to open and reveal the flower inside.Once a bud reaches full bloom, it is ready for your first cup of tea, which offers a strong aroma with a light flavor. The flavor gradually increases to a peak, then begins to fade with each subsequent steep. You not only enjoy the delicacy of tea and mellowness of flowers, but also can appreciate the sense of beauty.

The beauty of Blooming Tea attract tea lover and it has become a trend whereby everyone enjoy drinking blooming tea. As you have read my write up regarding Bluberry FruitTea from Hi tea, you will indefinably love the Blooming Tea. Make your order now at and no regret choosing your good quality tea from Hi Tea. 

~ Love the Art of Tea from Hi Tea ~

Monday, 20 June 2016

Berbuka Puasa With Celebrity Chef Norman Musa at Pullman KLCC

If you love having your favorite Malaysia dishes under one roof, then this year's Ramadan offering at Pullman KLCC will certainly appeal to your taste buds. Special thanks dedicate to Sidney for the invitation.

Exclusively for Ramadan, Celebrity Chef Norman make a special appearance by demonstrate how prepare Nyonya Kapitan Chicken curry.Chef Norman Musa is widely recognized for his culinary achievements. Having won several accolades throughout his 10 years' experience as a Chef, his innovative and contemporary cooking style has achieved world recognition. 

Pullman KLCC welcomes guests both local and foreign palettes to join in its delectable and mouth watering dishes. This year, Pullman KLCC featuring diverse Asian delicacies bursting with flavors and colorful presentations as they offer more just a local cuisines. On the remarkable spread that will be offered , customers can look forward to their variety signature dishes such as Kari Kepala Ikan Salmon Berbendi, Kepah Masak Lemak dengan Nenas, Loh Hon Chai, Udang Galah Sambal Hijau, Paru berlada and others authentic Malay cuisine.

Gulai Udang Batang Keladi Kelantan

Sayur Campur Puteri

Kari Kepala Ikan Salmon Berbendi

Kepah Masak Lemak dengan Nenas

Loh Hon Chai

Udang Galah Sambal Hijau

Paru Berlada

Pais Ketam Bunga

Aneka Ikan Bakar

Nasi Impit


Kerutup Kambing
Head over to different stalls for more variety of dishes.

Dinners also can enjoy Chef Norman's signature home- made that will leave you more than satisfied.

Rendang Scotch Egg by Chef Norma Musa
Rediscover your appetite with sourly delights such as kerabu, ulam, jeruk and spicy sambal. Head your way with a healthy selection of salads and dinners get to create their own salads to bring home.

Sweeten your palate before you depart with almost endless variety of Malay cakes, dessert and kuihs.

Priced at RM128 per adult, the Buka Puasa buffet will start daily from 6.30pm to 9.30pm from 6 June 2016 until 5 July 2016. Make a booking today and be prepared to be tantalized and wowed by the flavours of Malaysia this Ramadan at or contact +603 2170 8888. Log in for more information.

Eccucino Restaurant,
Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre Hotel & Residences
Jalan Conlay,
50450 Kuala Lumpur