Monday, 29 February 2016

A Great Shopping Experience With Ensogo Malaysia

Ensogo is not a strange online shopping website to us anymore. Ensogo has been well known as Southest Asia's premier online shopping. At Ensogo, you can enjoy the latest consume electronics, luxury accessories from world- renowned brands, state-of-the-art- gadgets, stylish furnishing and accessories for the home or 5 stars hotel buffet dinner.
Ensogo has make my life easier. Click on your preference category and choose the item that you love to purchase.
Ensogo offers you with the best brands. I love to check out the item that categories at " Best Sellers" column whenever I want to do my purchase.
Let's do our shopping together. First of all sign up with Ensogo to grab claim your free RM 10 or download Ensogo free app and get RM 20 OFF by Use this code: APP20 . Sign Up is very easy and only take a few minute.

As of you know my fiancee has proposed to me in January 2016 . Both of us have move to another level whereby we will plan for our marriage registration.  I not yet decide my registration dress . Let's Ensogo decide for me.  Click on Fashion and look for women clothing . Choose your favorite website.

Which dress look nice on me? The above or the bottom dress? Is hard for me to decide because the dresses are too nice and the price super reasonable. If you love shopping as much as I do,you will in dilemma like me. Ensogo too good and I which I can purchase all of these dresses.

At last I decide to grab the blue colour dress . Wow, super good deal. Only pay RM 48 for such a nice dress. You also can share this great deal with you best friend by click on the share button next to " Add to Cart" button.

I add in this dress at my shopping cart and is easy for me to view back by clicking on the trolley icon. I need some clutch , nice shoe and accessories . All of my shopping is done using Ensogo. 

Why I choose Ensogo?
  • Reasonable price
  • Variety of branded items to choose
  • Reliable
  • Fast shipping
  • Safe payment
  • Easy access to the website
Experience your shopping experience at ENSOGO . Ensogo make your shopping experience more easy with your Mobile phone. Free Download at App Store and Google Play.

~ Happy Shopping With Ensogo ~

Friday, 26 February 2016

Hanangell - The Best Skin Booster

Annyeonghaseyo and Happy Friday everyone.

Little cupid strike me with this new product " HANANGELL". Hanangell is Korea's latest advanced beauty technology. Hanangell just reach on time as I need it so much to maintain youthfulness of my skin before wedding.

Hanangell a syringe of skin booster is equivalent to 10 sheets of facial masks. Is that true???????? This is the 4th days I have been using Hanangell. 

The product

Firstly I found the packaging is unique from other skincare packaging. One of my reader curious about the product. Each packets contain two syringe.

How to use it?

1) Twist off the tip lock before using. 

2) Don't throw away the cap as you going to close it back after using to maintain the hygiene . 

3) Pump one or two drop on your palm 

Water gel texture but it does not feel sticky on my face. Remember to massage your face and neck when apply on it. Surprisingly the skin booster absorbs faster into my skin. Hanangell contains hyaluronic acid that able to hold and lock the water in our skin . I can see instant result whereby my skin more moisture and glowing. While collagen able to build the cell skin and maintain the elasticity of my skin. My skin look more firm . The first picture taken 4 days ago and the second picture is the result after 4 days.


My skin look more glowing and radiance . No more puffiness or redness due to sensitive skin.

11 effectiveness of skin booster

  • Skin more moisture
  • Tenderness of your skin
  • Complexion for fairer
  • Firmness of your skin
  • Fades acne scars
  • Refine Skin pores
  • Anti-wrinkles
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Improves Skin Tone
  • Repairs Basal Cells 
  • Soothes Allergy
Hanangell suitable for all type of skin and it also suitable for pregnant women as the product is natural with no hormones, non-irritating, lead-free and mercury free. 

You also can apply Hanangell as body lotion . Hanangell is selling RM 80/ pack . Start order now by email to . Special discount for reader as you entitle for 20 % till 1 march 2017. Just mention the discount code: Hanangell20blogger when you make your order. For more information regarding Hanangell, follow Eve Magic:

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

The Happiest Moment In My Life & Giveaway

My life has change as I have move to another phase of my life. One day before my birthday, he surprised  me with wedding proposal. I never know that he will do it for me in front of strangers . The day before the wedding proposal, I was mumbling to him that I don't want to marry if he did not propose to me. He teases  me and ask me "What type of wedding proposal that you dream of?"  See how my face look like after he asking me this question.
No romantic at all.... EIIIIIII.. so I ignore his question but he keep teasing me and suggest why don't propose in the bedroom and then register. I say to him" Don't want as no witness". So he reply to me " Your soft toy can be your witness". Okie... this time I just ignore what he say and continue with my food. On 31st January 2016, he dressed smartly.   I ask him "Why you need to dress so smart as we only go for dinner with friends?"  and he just ignore me. That really make me feel weird but I just ignore this feeling. 

Actually I have planned early to "yam cha"  with my Ji Mui, +kakalina wak and +Anfield Yee on that day and he also invited his best friend to join us for dinner. So I just agree with him. I choose Bon appetit as our meet up venue due to the food is nice. As usual I did not suspect anything until one of our best friend arrive at the venue. That was very weird as he is our different group of friend and suddenly he appreciate for the dinner. I start to suspect something suspicious will happen or maybe they just come to celebrate my birthday. Something fishy going on between them. 

After finish our dinner, my friend, KK suddenly asked me to close my eyes as he will use nap in to cover my eyes. He just ask me follow whatever he request me to do. So I just follow as I was excited to know what was the surprise.  "Can you guest what these guy plan to do during my eyes have been covered up?"  They taken pictures whereby I was in my dark world. I have to blow my birthday cake with my eyes been covered up. Actually really challenging to me when they asked me to blow the candle as I did not know which direction should I blow. haha.

"Can I open my eye now?" I cannot see the cake and I scare they play a trick on me. Feel a bit insecure .. haha. Suddenly I heard someone whisper, "Yes you can untie the napkin now."  So I slowly untie the napkin  and surprise.... 
He knee down with a ring and propose to me. 

I so excited and accept his proposal.  "Yes, I do" 

I am officially been taken.. 

These are the people that I would like to thanks them for the effort and help. All of you are awesome and play an important role in my hearts. Without your help, his proposal will " kelam Kabut". wuahaha
We hope you can help  us to win a trip to Macao for our Honeymoon and Wedding photoshoot . As appreciation, I will  giveaway two prizes . Two winners will be selected. Follow below instruction :-

1) Follow my instagram 
2) Like my instagram picture by click on this link
3)Share with your friends and ask them to like my picture. 
4) Provide your IG name and email address.
5) Please let me know which gift you wish to win.

Giveaway end on 25 March 2016. Thank you everyone for the support and open for Malaysian.

The Food Moment At Pretz N' Beanz Cafe @ Solaris Mont Kiara

This is my first time step into Pretz N' Beanz cafe and I was astonish with their design. Contemporary, creative design and cosy cafe make me love to explore more on their food. Pretz N' Beanz receives impressive feedback response from their customers.

Pretz N' Beanz is famous with their fresh pretzels that still hot from oven. Yummy..... They are the first Pretzel Pizza in Malaysia.

BBQ Chicken Pretzel Pizza

The pizza is carefully crafted with flavorful , superior-quality ingredients and toppings. BBQ Chicken Pretzel Pizza always my right pick and I love it so much. The thin crust pizza bring out its natural goodness . The crust is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Give a try on their pizza.

Chicken Hawaiian Pretzel Pizza, 7 inch (RM 15.80) / 10 inch (RM 22.15)

Chicken Hawaiian Pretzel Pizza always my preferred . I love the fresh ingredient that topping on the pizza. Still craving for it.

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel (RM 6.25)

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel always my favourite. Not too sweet and the Pretzel is baked fresh from oven. I love the cinnamon taste too. 

Basil Cheese Pretzel (RM 7.30)

I usually did not like to order any food that contact basil as I don't like the smell but this Basil Cheese Pretzel is different. The basil smell is not so strong and the pretzel taste nice. 

Chocolate Peanut Crunch Pretzel (RM 8.35)

Rich chocolate with peanut crunch that spread on the pretzel make it taste so nice. Those that love to chocolate flavor, give a try for this.

Pretz N' Stew Green Curry (RM 17.90)

First time I try Pretz N' Stew Green Curry. The freshly baked pretzel go well with the green curry. The green curry a bit spicy but the taste of the green curry is fantastic. 

Pretz n' Stew Cheesy Chicken (RM 17.90)

Too heavy meal for me but if you are cheesy lover, you can give atry on the Pretz n' Stew Cheesy Chicken.

Pretz N' Beanz not only serve pretzel or pizza but they also serve western cuisine. I order Fish & chips (RM 21.10). The dory fish is fresh and smooth. It serve with french fries and vegetable. portion quiet big and it worth for your money.

Carbonara Chicken Slice Spaghetti (RM 26.40)

Chewy spaghetti cook with creamy carbonara really make me crave for another plate. WOW....

Is time for appertizer after the main dish. Let's order Volcano Chocolate Cake with Ice- Cream ( RM 13.65) and Triple Chocolate cake.

Triple Chocolate

Volcano Chocolate cake with Ice-cream

I want more. Can I order some drinks? ...please....Burppp (opps, excuse me). 

Signature Chocolate

Caffe Green Mint Mocha

Florentine Cookies
I having a good food at Pretz N' Beanz cafe and thank you for the invitation. The service is good and I will recommend this cafe. 

Location : Pretz N' Beanz Cafe
                 No.22, Ground Floor,
                 Jalan Solaris 4, 
                 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Business Hours : Sunday - Thursday ( 7: 30 am - 12 am)
                            Friday - Staurday ( 7:30 am - 1 am)

Facebook :