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Morganfield's @ IOI City Mall Putrajaya

'Home of the sticky bones', Morganfield's draws inspiration for its indulgent comfort food from the catchy, toe-tapping music of the '50s. My first time having my lunch with +kakalina wak at Morganfield's. Morganfield's offer a fresh approach to the old American diner concept and it serves a wide array of American style fare . 

 The decoration is so impressive and I spot Dr. Nicol David picture on the wall.

Look what we have for our lunch. My eyes nearly drop when the food been served in front of us. We are speechless as the portion is not big but is gigantic. We are wondering how to finish the food. Don't care lah, just eat whatever we can and the rest we just take away.

1) Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs

This is the best spare ribs I had so far and the portion is super big as you can see in the picture on the left side. The ribs were cooked to perfection and were tender and juicy. This is like a heaven especially for meat lover like me. I know...I know... I need to cut down eating too much meat but my evil side of me keep influence me. oppsss...Blame the evil side off me. 

2) Jim Beam Iberico Baby Back

While Jim Beam Iberico baby rack pork was so delicious and the price was so affordable. It show at the right side of the picture.

 Alright before start my lunch, let grab a glass of ice lemon tea to soothe my throat. Oh, I love the design of the cup.

This are some delicious food that you can order from the menu.

Photo Credit to Morganfield's

Photo Credit to Morganfield's

Photo credit to Morganfield's

The most important is thank you to +kakalina wak as she sponsor her worthy book coupon and I have a good lunch and good chat with her. Muacksss...

Location : Morganfield's
                 IOI City Mall Putrajaya
                 GE-6, Ground Floor
Contact : 03 83828899

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