Monday, 30 November 2015

Life Change with Totalife Gene Power 28 & Giveaway Time

Do you know Malaysia was rated the highest for Obesity? According to research done by The Lancet in 2014, Obesity in Malaysia (45.3%) of its population, followed by Korea (33.2%) , Pakistan (30.7%) and China (28.3%) . Obesity statistics in Malaysia are getting scarier and due to this it has rung alarms bell at Malaysian Minister of Health.
By seeing below picture, which body fat percentage are you in? For women, if your body fat percentage is 30%, you have to watch out your eating habit or your lifestyle. 

This are the factors that lead to obesity:-

  • Excess Calorie Intake
  • No Exercise
  • Inadequate Sleep
  • High Sugar Intake
  • Metabolism getting slow
  • Eating Super too often.
I also have overweight problem as I can resist the nice food in Malaysia.. GRRRRRR.. ... I only can blame on myself for not controlling my eating habit. You know what I mean right?? How many calories I have consume??? Don't expect I bring my calculator every time go out and calculate my calories intake. I hate to do this as I love to eat.

But now , I can enjoy a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy and achieve my goal to cut down my weight. Thank to Totalife for guiding me for a healthy lifestyle.  Let's understand our own body shape first before Totalife can advice the right combination that can help you to slim down.

5 body types of body shape in Asia

  • Pear Body Shape - Usually body fat will accumulate at lower part of your body, hips and thigh. You will look plump with the distinct waistline and larger lower body. While your upper body are small.
  • Health Risk - Body fat is stubborn and does not dissolve easily.
                              -  Sluggish body metabolic rate.
                              - High risk for diabetic

  • Apple body Shape - Body fat accumulates at waist and abdomen area . Apple body shape also known as beer belly.
  • Health Risk - Low Basal metabolic rate and high visceral fat.
                              -  High risk for blood pressure, high triglyceride, fatty liver and diabetic. 

  • Doughnut Body Shape - Accumulate fat over whole body and you did not have body shape. Flabby body. 
  •  Health Risk - Easily gain weight
                               - Less of breath when do light exercise and body feel so weak with frequent hunger pangs.
                               - High risk in cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood glucose, cardiovascular disease.
                               - If slimming program goes on and of, might have adverse fat-rebound effect.

  • Water- drop Body Shape - Normally will known as water retention obesity. Water-drop body shape with bigger upper abdomen and lower body silhouette indicating water retention problem. No obvious waistline.
  • High Risk- Sluggish water metabolism with high water retention and you easy gain weight when drinking water.
                           - Malfunction of the kidney.
                           -  Higher chance suffering from triglyceride, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. 

I did not dare to look at myself at mirror when I start to get weight in 2012. I not able to fit in my "S" size and I have to change all my wardrobe clothes to "M" size. Frankly speaking, I love food so much and have habit eat super. Due to my work, I sit frequently in office and less exercise. I gain weight from 45kg (2011) to 55 kg (2012). A drastic increase in my weight and my friends start to tease me fat. Miracle happen when I found Totalife as my Personal Nutrition Advisor. I lost 3 kg in 5 days. Is true and look at my latest (2015) picture. 

The Totalife advisor helps us for the personal weight inspection record
My weight touch until 58.4kg as you can see on the print out record by Totalife. Body fat is 31.9% . My waist expand from 24 inch to 29 inch. Sob..sob and the sad part is my body shape is Pear . Please help me.....

Totalife Gene Power 28 is highly effective personalized Nutrition management Programme catering to various type of obesity. Totalife International Group and Dr. Claire Lim have successfully invented The iFG-1 Fat Dissolving Regulator and iFG-2 Carbohydrate Elimination Regulator after years of intensive research.  

1) TDS (Effective Body Shaping with Whey Protein)

TD-S - Mix Sachet with 227ml lukewarm water and shake Vigorously and leave idle for 3-5 minutes before drink.

  • Come with 3 flavors (Soy milk, Apple and Mocha)
  • Contain 58 types of balanced nutrition and Low GI
  • Fat Elimination and Metabolism factor
  • Replace your breakfast and dinner with 4 sachets of TDS daily. While for lunch, take low GI food with high fiber, high protein, less salt and less oil. You will feel your body lighter and healthy in 7 days.

2) Fittache (Detoxification)

Fittache- take 2 capsules with 250ml of water before meals. For better result, can take together with Total Biozyme
  • Helps to slim down, lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, body fat and enhances fat elimination. Fittache awarded with 4 patents from the United Sates Patent and Trademark office.
  • High in Fiber and able to neutralise and eliminate excessive fat.
  • Reduce 35% calorie absorption from food sources.

Imagine this glass water is our body and the brown colour on the top of the water is the excessive fat. Take 2 capsules of Fittache and it can capture the body fat together and flush it out from our bowel movement. 
3) GeneUp iFG-1 (Botanical Beverage Mix Roselle & Yeast Pepton
  • Fat Dissolving Regulator to dissolve the fat.
  GeneUp iFG-2 (Botanical beverage Mix Berry & Yeast Pepton)
  • Carbohydrate Elimination Regulator to eliminate carbohydrate.
Consume 1 sachet before breakfast and dinner

  • Roselle polyphenols contain anthocyanin , catechin, flavonoids and other polyphenols with antioxidants properties.
  • Plant based peptides - to stimulate key genes, boost metabolism and energise body.

4) Lipokleen A (Metabolism)

Take 1-2 capsules daily after breakfast and dinner

  • Contain salmon fish, Omega-3 essential fatty acids : DHA & EPA
  • Vitamin E acts as a fat soluble antioxidant
  • Energise cell, convert nutrition into energy and boost body Metabolism
Beside taking Totalife Gene Power 28, daily exercise also important as it can promote good blood circulation, our body and mind become fresh, energetic and health. Make it a habit to consume more fruit and vegetables.

Tips for light exercise that you can do at home and office.

Light exercise that can do at home (Photo taken from Google)

Simple exercise at office (Photo taken from Google)

Below are Totalife customers that successfully lose weight. Clap.....Clap... 

Are impressed with Totalife Gene Power 28? Do you want to look healthy and slim like me? I did it and you also can do it.

Giveaway time

Log in and key in this code : GP28_1003. if you successfully been selected, you will receive call from Totalife to redeem GP28 goodies pack. Started your healthy life with Totalife.

Photo Credit to Sin Yee

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Kick start a healthy life @ Malaysia Urban Retreat Festival 2015 (MURFEST)

What is your fitness regime or your fitness goal? Have you achieve your fitness goal for 2015? Malaysia Urban Retreat Festival (MURFEST) is held annually in Malaysia, celebrating the best of wellness, yoga, music and dance. This year tagline for MURFEST is Breathe. Connect. Move

Are we living in healthy way or the other way? Let's see the statistic that share by UrbanHealth Magazine .

 29,717, 000 – Total population in Malaysia as of 2013
As of 2013, 9 % of the Malaysian population are above the age of 60
150, 000 deaths recorded in 2013
Average life expectancy of a Malaysian: Male – 72 years, Female – 76 years
Major health conditions affecting Malaysians:
15.2 % of adults are diabetic
32.7 % of adults have hypertension
35.1 % of adults have high cholesterol
The Malaysian Lifestyle:
64.8 % of adults are physically active
92.5 % of adults consume less than the recommended 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day
25 % of Malaysian adults smoke tobacco products
Top 5 causes of death in Malaysia in 2012:
Ischaemic heart diseases (20.1 %)
Stroke (10. 6 %)
Lower respiratory infections (11.8 %)
Road injury (4.7 %)
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (4.6 %)

MURFEST start from 13th -15th November 2015 at Pullman brings more fun activities. You can check out the schedule online for the activities. This is my first time join MURFEST and i so eager to join the Body Fly. Everyone are so excited to try the Body Fly . Body Fly is combining yoga, pilates, dance and acrobatics.
Body Fly
Wow...sweating time. Love to try this???? Find out more regarding body fly at Below is some introduction regarding Body Fly.

MURFEST 2015 Schedule
I also visited the flea market that set up their booth at 1st Floor until 3rd Floor. 

More fun activities .....

Rock painting

After the tiring session, I went for Ayurveda massage. Ayurveda is the holistic approach that treats the root cause of illness in body or mind and is dispensed base on the distinct pattern of energy. 

Let's pledge for healthy life and start exercise and eat clean food to maintain a good health. Congratulation to MURFEST for the successful event and looking forward to next year MURFEST. For more information visit MURFEST website at :

MURFEST partnership

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Grand Launch of #theBBP @The Club, Bukit Utama

Congratulation to #theBBP for the grand opening on 22 October 2015. #theBBP is a gastropub style restaurant that serving a tasty and fresh pork ribs, a wide selection of babrbeque meats with mouth-watering sides and finger licking snacks. #theBBP stands for high quality meat and offers only the freshest food for wholesome meal.

Design in interior den brings you the comfortable and home feeling at #the BBP. Not only that, you can choose to sit outside whereby there are tables and seating been place along the balcony. 

At #theBBP, you can pick your favourite choice of meat at the #MeatStation and even mixed your own salad at the #SaladStation.

First time I try the Oyster with Bloody Mary. The oyster is fresh and you can eat it directly once you open it. Dip the oyster in the bloody Mary and squid a small slice of lemon into the drink. According to chef, if you open the oyster and it does not have this fishy smell, that mean the oyster is fresh.

The second meal is specially prepare for us. The black colour is the charcoal garlic bread. Crunchy and it can mix with the pork bacon mashed potato. according to chef, the preparation of this premium pork is simple and yet it can bring out the nice aroma.
This Platter cost around RM 80

This platter contain pork knuckle (RM40 for half part) and (RM75 for whole part) , Pork Sausage (RM7), pork bacon mashed potato, Caramelized pork belly , BBQ Iberico pork and Charcoal Garlic bread. Chef Jay, kind enough to share with us how the prepare the pork knuckle. The pork knuckle will be soak into water one day before it been grilled. The pork knuckle will be grilled for 2 hours and cool down for 30 minute before they start to cut it. The pork knuckles skin so crispy and you can enjoy it with a pint of beer.

#theBBP is an ideal venue for special occasions and gathering (small or big group) and it has direct access to the balcony bar. Beside the great food and drink, customer can enjoying watching their favourite football or sport match  at #theBBP.

Live band during the launching
The kid enjoy the clown magic show on that day.

Location: #theBBP @The Club
Bukit Utama, Persiaran Surian,
Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya
Opening hours : 5pm - 1am (Tuesday - Sunday)

Cafe Lafayette @ Uptown Damansara

A sunny Sunday and thinking of having my lunch with my bestie, Carmen. So we google and found this cafe called Cafe Lafayette. The name of the cafe is so unique and they serve western & Italian fusion food. Don't miss the cafe Lafayette signboard as the cafe is same row with Fat Spoon. Cafe Lafayette is nested on first floor.

We order Caesar Salad (RM12) as appetizer. Caasar salad consists fresh lettuce, bacon strips, shredded carrot , tomatoes, capsicum and some Parmesan cheese sprinkled all over the salad. A healthy meal and the portion is big. Satisfied with the Caesar salad.

Then we order Beef Carbonara (RM18.90). The texture of the spaghetti is soft and it taste nice when mix with the creamy carbonara and beef bacon. My friend and I cann't finish eating the carbonara as the portion is big .

Crossaint N' Egg - Chicken Ham (RM18.90) .  It looks normal crossaint but when you bite on it, you will fell in love with it tasty ingredient. It comes with healthy salad. 

Carmen order a cup of cappuccino while I order banana chocolate.

After our satisfied lunch, both of us start syiok sendiri. Take turn "berposing". So drama lah both of us.

Location : Cafe Lafayette
75M, Jalan SS21/1A, 
Damansara Utama
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: 603 7732 3188

Instagram: @Lafayette_Cafe
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 11pm