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The Most Powerful Skincare From Korea - Ginkgo Natural

Flashback the write up regarding the launched of Ginkgo Natural through 11street. An origin product from Korean that bring into Malaysia market. Ginkgo Natural is one of the skincare product that highly recommend and it suit Asian Skin.

This round, I will review more regarding Ginkgo Natural skincare products. For your information, Ginkgo Natural is the brainchild of Charmzone, a renowned skincare and cosmetic manufacturer from Korea. I do admit Korean has tone of skincare and beauty products and Ginkgo Natural is one of my favorite skincare products.
Step 1: Cleansing
Ginkgo Natural Cleansing Tissue 

Removing a makeup is a must step to ensure my skin can breath easily after heavy make up.  This is a hero product for Ginkgo Natural as it removes make up completely including waterproof eyeliner and tint lipstick. 

Product ingredient: Ginkgo Natural Cleansing tissue contain full of ginkgo leaves extract to keep my skin moisture, fresh and healthy. Using high embossing technology to develo…
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#Throwback: PJ's Biggest Songkran Sky Festival 2017 @Stratosphere at The Roof

Sawade Ka ....Do you have fun during Songkran Sky Festival? This is the biggest Songkran Sky Festival happening at Stratosphere at The Roof. In this post, I going to bring you through my experience at Songkran Sky Festival. 

Don't even look down at my mini water gun. This smallest water gun is the most powerful gun and able splash off you . Lol.....

Are you ready for the party????? We are the Power Rangers.Be careful with our water gun. On that day, the weather a bit bad as it rain for the whole day but this doesn't stop the crowd having fun at Songkran Sky Festival.

The moment I enter the war zone, I been shoot by the water gun. No even has chance to fill my water gun with water.

When we sit down to enjoy the drink, suddenly random starngers appear from no where splash us with water. Even you step in dry zone, but you can't escape getting wet. Of course they get back from my mini water gun too. Ha...ha...ha...

The most precious moment is watching the nice sunset. This is…

Gogoprint, The Biggest Online Printing Company In Southeast- Asia

Anyone need a printing service for your business? Introduce Gogoprint, the biggest online printing company in Southeast-Asia. Gogoprint offers affordable prices , top quality of printing and best customer support before and after sales. By using Gogoprint, you able get your business cards, brochures, flyers and many mores to get printed. Gogoprint is now active in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand and Gogoprint still expanding their business to other countries.

This is my first time using Gogoprint service and I find out the service is friendly user. I run out of my business card and I thinking to customize with Gogoprint. I will show you step by step how to order my business card with Gogoprint. 
How to order with Gogoprint

Step 1
Create your own account with Gogoprint

Step 2
Select the products that you love to order. As mention I going to order for business card.

Step 3

Choose the format and paper type for your business card. First time order from Gogoprint and usual what the paper typ…

Imperial Chakri Palace 18th Anniversary Soiree, Suria KLCC

Imperial Chakri Palace first opened it door in 6th April 1999 and now they celebrate their 18th anniversary. Happy 18th anniversary to Imperial Chakri Palace and you have bring a wonderful moment to your diners. Imperial Chakri Palace serve authentic Thai cuisine brought to you by their Thai Chef. Thank you to Imperial Chakri Palace for extending an invitation to me. It was such a memorable moment to celebrate the 18th anniversary of Imperial Chakri Palace .

Food refreshment been served hot to the VIP and guests.

There were also lucky draw and the Grand prize is RM 1000 cash voucher. Congratulation to the luck winners.

Cake cutting ceremony and celebrate Chakri Palace 18th Anniversary.

Imperial Chakri Palace

Lot 417B, Suria KLCC,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre,
50088 Wilayah Persekutuan