Sunday, 25 September 2016

Your Dream Your Honor 8 - Available at Lazada Malaysia

Smartphone has become one part of our life and is like a family to us. Do you agree with my statement? 2016 is now in full swing, and you can see a flood of flagship smartphones hit the shelves. If you're getting ready to upgrade your phone, now is probably the time to do it. When Honor hits the market, everyone were so excited and crazy about it. I so desperate to invest into Honor phone when Honor 8 been announce in the market. The brand totally redefined with new and exclusive design. 

If you ask me whether is worth to invest for Honor 8? I will definitely raise both my hand and say a big "YES" to you. Share with you 8 reasons why you should get/ own Huawei Honor 8.

Be a Superstar with 12 MP Dual Camera

Will I become Malaysia Next Top Model soon?  (*** daydreaming now) The 12 MP dual camera is the powerful as it captures more light to produce stunning color pictures with crisper details. It gives you the satisfaction in taking photograph as Honor 8' s built-in ISP measures in-depth information accurately and ensures faster focus for the perfect depth- of-field shots.

Honor 8' s camera can perform extra well that other brand smartphone.  You even can shoot your favorite food clear, capture the best movement or even a clear , sharp and vivid pictures during night time.

If you are selfie Queen and Selfie King like me, Honor 8 definitely is a right choice. The front camera come with 8 megapixel that enable you to achieve superior selfies even in low light conditions. Turn into Korean celebrity with Perfect Selfie Mode.

Control Your Electronic Appliances with Smart Control 4.0

Yesssss.......Say goodbye to heavy and old fashion controller as Smart Control 4.0 will do the job.

Photo Credit : Google Image

Now I can control numerous electronic appliances from TV to air-conditioner with one click on the Smart Control 4.0 . This feature support devices manufactured by over 5000 international brands and more than 230000 international models. Such a brilliant smartphone that you really want to own it immediately.

Play Your Pokemon Go without Losing Your Connection

Everyone is crazy about Pokemon Go and travel from one location to another location to catch their favorite Pokemon. But sometime your GPS lost it's signal will make you more " Kan Cheong" + frustrated.

With Honor 8, you will not facing this problem as it comes with double antennae whereby you can get the strongest communication signal .  Impressive right???? The best part, Huawei's international carrier database helps you connect to local networks faster and quicker during roaming. Imagine you can your rare Pokemon at Thailand, Japan, Korea using a strong reception/network. Yet Honor 8 also has smart dual-band WI-FI switching whereby you can prefer 2.4G or 5G.  

Best Smartphone Security System

Honor 8's 3D fingerprint will ensure your data/ information that store in your smartphone is safe. The fingerprint scanner acts as the phone first layer of security. Its enhanced fingerprint recognition security feature is attributed to  the level 4- fingerprints collection algorithm that collects 3D information of your fingerprint. I like the sensitivity of the fingerprint scanner as you can unlock your phone within 0.4 second.

Enjoy Watching " Oppa" With Biggest Screen 

Now I can watching my favorite Korean movie with Honor 8. It comes with 5.2-inch FHD display equipped with 96% high color gamut, color enhancement and dynamic pixel-level contrast adjustment technology that give me more satisfaction chasing the movies.

The best part, Honor 8 has eye-care mode function that filter the blue light and protect your eye. Enjoy you video , e-book or even games with Honor 8. 

Unbeatable Battery Life

I hate the feeling bring 2 or 3 power banks out due to the exhausted battery. With Honor 8, power bank is not required as it can last longer 10 hours' worth of offline video- playing. 3000mAH battery capacity supported by Smart 4.0 maximize its stand by time: 1.77 days for normal usage and 1.2 days for heavy usage. 

Photo Credit : Google Image

Super fast charging up to 47% in 30 minutes. Honor 8 really beat other smartphones battery lifespan.

Eco-friendly Phone

I believe Honor 8 is No.1 smartphones that practice eco-friendly. Honor 8 is UL 110 compliant at Platinum level and meet industry-recognized sustainability standard. While its box is made of FSC-certified paper which is a testament to Honor's support for sustainable forest harvesting method. You will be shocked when you find out their packaging and manual are printed using- based ink.

Photo Credit : Google Image

Gorgeous, Stylish and Elegant Design and Craftsmanship

Look at the design of Honor 8, you definitely will attract by it. Honor 8 on the strength and beauty of glass to produce a smooth, elegant and ergonomic design. The polished 15 layers craftsmanship and 3D  grating effect gives the phone a sophisticated finish, making it one of the kind. It really an eye opener to the world. The moment you hold on it, you will definitely love the feeling.

Honor 8 really move my heart and I don't want lose the changes to own it. Honor 8 also offer 3 months warranty for replacement of LCD crack (1 x FOC front or/ and rear panel replacement). Honor 8 is available in Lazada now. Click  here to shop! Honor 8 offer at Lazada Malaysia from RM 1699.

Don't miss out the biggest ever Cybersale as Lazada's Cyberjaya is happening on 26- 30 September 2016. Check it out!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Product Review from Printcious

I have make an order from Printcious last month and I receive the items in good condition within a week. For those that miss out the post, please kindly click on the link. Printcious is the largest online DIY printing platform as you get to be your own artist by customized your own gift.

I order 2 items from Printcious . Customized Iphone 6 casing for my favorite blogger friend aka sister. Using an easy design tool , I can create unique, cool or cute phone case for my smart phone from 1000 design offer by Printcious. Cool, right???? The phone case quality is good and waterproof. 

Refer to below video how to customized your own phone casing.

I love to create something special that I can present to my family or frame it for memories. If you are jigsaw puzzle lover, good news for you as you customized your photo on the jigsaw puzzle. You can order from 80pcs to 200pcs puzzles. Good quality printing, fast delivery and affordable prices. 

Refer to below video how to customized your own jigsaw puzzle gift.

Fall in love with what Printcious has offered ? Make your order with Printcious now and enjoy up to 25% discount by key in voucher code: PEACEFUL . For more information, please refer to Free shipping when purchase above RM 60. 

~ Happy Shopping With Printcious ~

Saturday, 17 September 2016

(Must Read) Don't fall into Love Scam Easily

Recently we heard a lot of scam news whenever we flip on the newspaper and this scammer still wonder around looking for the next victim. We have to alert from become the next target. Sharing with you some scammer trick as we do not wish to fall into their hand.

Love Scam

This is true story as is happen on my best friend. She knows this guy via social media and this bastard call himself " Chung Charley". Sorry to address him as bastard. He starts to flirt with my friend and mention he stay in California and staying with his mom. His father has passed away and ask him to take over the business and basically he mentions he is a rich guy. So happen my friend believe his story and attract to his good looking appearance. Then he start ask for my friend mailing address and contact number as he want to surprise her with some jewelry, branded stuff and so on.... Extend to naive stage, my friend believe him again. Oh goshhhhhhhhhh.   

After 2 days, my friend receive a call from a lady called " Fatimah" as the number appear on her handphone is 016 3949582. She told my friend that she receive a parcel send by Chung Charley and they have to quarantine the parcel due to sender deliver a huge amount of cash. She demand my friend pay SGD 1950 to create anti terrorist certificate....Bullshit and the best part, she believe it 

Happily the lady give her 3 different personal account . My friend so naive and did not event ask why need to pay? Why bank into personal account? Which courier or agent company that send this parcel? Why contact me via personal phone? This question never cross into her mine.

Account Name: Robiah Binte Abdul Wahab
Account No: 10-0063600-1 (Saving account)

Account Name : Siti Seri Wulan Bte Jaffar
Account No: 14030618288

Account Name: Winrsih
Account No: 270159222

1st Payment

2nd payment

When you have fall into the trick of course that group of gang will demand for higher amount. No once, but twice, third and so own. Then this Chung Charley so smart, he beg my friend to help to get the parcel back. If not he will die and ask my friend don't disclosure he is rich as he will be kidnapped. He use his sympathy to get my friend attention and called her " Honey... Dear" Yuck...such a sickening when I saw the message. Then he fake the courier company and the consignment note.

She only told me regarding this story once she done the second payment and the lady still demand for money. I told her this is scam but she told me she trust on Chung Charley and only Fatimah is a bad person. No matter how hard I try to explain to her, she still believe they guy. Even our conversation, she inform to the bastard. We have report to social media that this account is fake and the account successfully been closed . But he did not give up as he created the same account again. This bastard also add other girls in my friends Facebook. How we know he target other girl? We saw some girl likes his photo and we secretly contact the  girl and inform her this is scam.

Attach is the conversation that we try to find out from another victim. She stop the chat after we mentions this guy is scam. Hopefully she did not fall into the love scam. Sorry I can't review the girl name.

Once you have fall into the love scam, this bastard will ask you go and loan money or event borrow from a friends just to get the parcel back. If you now your own friends or family fall into love scam, please help them and prevent them make any payment. Anyone fall into love scam usually is unconscious and they will do whatever to help retrieve the fake parcel or even borrow from money from financial company (ALONG......charge with high interest)

What you should do??????

1) Ask this person send you the consignment note from courier service (don't care whether is real or fake as you going to clarified it)

2) Call custom and POS Malaysia to clarified/ check regarding the fake parcel. They willing help and provide advice.

3) Study online regarding the courier service company whether this company exist or not?

4) Search online for love scam trick

  • Courier valuable items like branded stuff, money
  • He loves you and please help to pay for the parcel
  • He will sweet talk with you like my parents love you, I will marry you, I will come your country to find you
  • He only will care about money as most of the conversation he will ask you help him pay, borrow money from friends and family, loan from bank, listen to the agent advice
  • He will not review more regarding himself as he will not waste invest on you.
  • He try to gain you trust by saying he also bank in money to the agent/ courier service
Bank name been removed for this picture

Think logical will a person paid such a huge money just to get back the parcel????????? Will a unknown rich until he send you free cash for you to invest??????? Will unknown person don't know how to transfer money via  bank?????????

DON'T BE SO NAIVE AND TRUST ALL THIS BULLSHIT STORY (opppsssss, apologize for cursing this guy) 

  • Oh ya... he even will ask you send him your sexy picture (18SXXXXXX) . He will keep it and use it to blackmail you back if you dont pay or trust him.
  • He using this number to contact my friend +1(518)2546869 . He will not call you or event dare use real time.. ....He don't dare to show his real face.

5) Keep ask more question about the agent
  • Which courier company or agency he/she works with
  • Her full name
  • Her office contact number and address
  • Ask her why should you bank in personal account
  • Tell her you will call back when you check with custom or courier service to confirm the parcel as he/ she will alert that you not easy to be tricked

My friend has save the girl (Fatimah) photo that she retrieve from phone. Be alert when seeing the same person call you (I'm not sure whether is a real or fake photo), She call my friend before using this phone number 01151141804. Why she need to use such a dirty trick to cheat innocent people?????

6) Try to ask help from authorize person like report to police if you find out you been scam. Don't take any action by yourself as you don't know how many people behind this case and they have your mailing address and phone number.

7) Track this person using google image to double confirm whether the scammer using the real or fake photo. No guarantee you can trace the picture using google image but at least you try this method.

8) Read more news regarding love scam so you will not fall into the scam trick

9) Attach the reference that I saw from google

Credit to Google Image

Credit to Google Image

Credit to Google Image

10) Set you friends list into private and only you can view to prevent scammer go and add your friends. Don't add your contact number or email at any social media.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Official Launching of Liselle Tea & Food Review at Rare Art Koffee , Malaysia

#ootd of the day

The moment I arrive at Rare Art Koffee, I was astonished with their decoration. Liselle art pieces really draw my attention as these depicted drawing make me feel amazed. Who is Liselle? ‘Liselle', the feminine character of a fashion illustrator portrays an image and personality of confident, elegance and charismatic that fuels an intrinsic potency for feminine lovers that has dreams to build and being ambitious. Simply stated, ‘Liselle' brand portrays the identity of shining dream, positive energy and intimating soul. This fascinating character addressed a luxurious sense of belonging with great emphasize in her intimate love of her lifestyle, ambition, thoughts and mind.

Lisa Lee, creator and founder of art brand LISELLE has ventured her journey back to Malaysia to line her new footprint in the art & design industry. Thank you to Liselle for the invitation.

Panel Guest: Ms. Nicole: Owner of Rare Art Koffee, Ms, Lisa: Founder of Liselle & Mr. Chua: Owner of 

"Fine Days With Liselle Tea"- the main highlight being the launch of Liselle Tea in Klang South is to partner with different entrepreneurs from Klang themselves in F&B, technology and manufacturers to create a new sparks in local art scenes together with Liselle Tea. Introduce 4 of Liselle Tea that come which unique packaging.

1) Liselle Blooming Scented Tea

2) Liselle Jasmine Green Tea

3) Liselle Lychee Black Tea

4) Liselle Rose Tea

You’d be surprised at how cooking with tea can enhance the flavor of foods, making a meal truly memorable. The many varieties of tea, whether green, white or black, and flowery, earthy or spicy, contribute subtle aromas and delicate flavors to many wonderful dishes. This is how Rare Art koffee owner, Ms. Nicole create a unique dishes using Liselle Tea. Impressive with the creativity and the food able bring out the aroma of Liselle Tea.

Spaghetti With Jasmine Tea

First taste impressions – Pow! Flavoursome, and in the best possible way. I enjoy a thickish Jasmine tea sauce to coat the spaghetti.

Smoked Salmon With Lychee Black Tea

To me Salmon fish usually a dry type especially . But the lychee black tea able brings sweetness to the taste. Something unique to me .

Lamb With Rare Art Coffee

A daring idea by using coffee to create the grill lamb sauce. The preparation of the grill lamb is just nice as it prepare in medium cook.

Blossom Green Tea Prawn

Taste it while the it still cool as you get to taste the freshness of the prawn with the nice aroma of green tea. Ermmmmm...

Apple Rose

Fall in love with the design and apparently the dessert taste good.

Liselle Tea can be purchased in For your information, Youbeli is a premier online shopping in Malaysia that offers a varieties of choices from grocery, electronic items, fashion and many mores.

"Dare to Dream, Dare to Shine" an inspiration motto from Liselle. For more information regarding Liselle, log in Liselle website at

B-3-18, BBT One, Lebuh Batu Nilam 2
Bandar Bukit Tinggi
41200 Klang, Selangor

T. +6 016 230 5593 (Ms. Lisa Lee)

Rare Art Koffee
Jalan Batu Nilam 2
Kawasan 12,
Bandar Bukit Tinggi
41200 Klang, Selangor

YoubeliE-28-1, Jalan Multimedia 7/AG
City Park, I-City,
40000 Shah Alam, Selangor

T. +603 5521 8400/ +603 5888 8313